Welcome inside the artist’s studio.

Over a year ago, I was at the Nasher Museum of Art in Durham watching some black and white documentary about the “flavor of the times” in 1950s Paris. The filmmaker wandered from existentialist fireside arm chairs to pulsing underground open mics that birthed the world’s first true beatniks.

Naturally, I began to wonder about the flavor of our own times. I’m still waffling, but under the auspices of the Chatham County Arts Council, I launched this radio show to help me figure it out. (And anyway, I’ve always wanted to be Diane Rehm when I grow up; I figure this is my one shot).

I do know that there’s something about the NC Piedmont that’s, well, different. For one thing, we have loads of artists and grassroots art efforts, yet we’re not in an all urban atmosphere.

We have sustainability movements, biofuels plants, garbage artists and reuse-based businesses like the Scrap Exchange. We have impromptu exhibits like “On Making” at the Chatham Mill building. And we have soul – Carolina Soul.

Explore who we are right here and now in NC by joining us every Tuesday from 4 – 5 pm on WCOM-LP FM Radio, Carrboro-Chapel Hill. Turn your dial to 103.5 FM or live stream us at http://www.wcomfm.org. All of our podcasts are archived here.

If you enjoy what you hear, please link to this site and visit http://www.chathamarts.org to experience the flavor of our Piedmont times directly.

To learn about other great programming on WCOM-LP FM Radio, visit http://www.wcomfm.org.

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