Ceramicist, Tanya Casteel

When ceramicist, Tanya Casteel was five years old, she told her family that she wanted to be “an artist and a waitress.” They told her that those things would go together beautifully. She stayed true to her original ambition, but she still left plenty of flexibility for fresh self-discovery.

When she started college, she saw the ocean for the first time, and she realized that what was actually there, under the surface, was even more fascinating than what people’s imaginations could conjure. So when a professor assigned members of her art class to bring in an object that “inspired them,” she brought in a dead Octopus. And the rest was history.

To see more of Tanya’s work (or to buy some), click here: http://www.cephalopodink.com/

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Tanya Casteel Podcast

Envirommental Artist Bryant Holsenbeck

Environmental artist, Bryant Holsenbeck discusses her year without plastic and ways she’s using art to change the world.

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Bryant Holsenbeck

Read Bryant’s Blog at http://www.bryantholsenbeck.com/blog/

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