Anthropologist & Music Writer, Jack Bernhardt shares stories about Tommy Jarrell, Townes Van Zandt, Margaret Mead & More

Jack Bernhardt has completed interviews & articles with hundreds of our lifetime’s most influential musical talents. Find out what that’s like and all that Bernhardt has learned from them about “what it is to be human:” Jack Bernhardt

Portrait Artist, Luana Luconi Winner Looks Forward to Getting Up in the Morning

Luana Luconi Winner is a famed classical portrait artist, beloved teacher, and Italian arts tour guide (she informs that Italy was the birthplace of the first annotated music, which was recorded on illuminated manuscript using brush and quill). You may recognize Ms. Winner’s work from the covers of Strathmore art products.

Recently, Winner recreated the portrait of William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, that was destroyed in the 2010 Chatham County Courthouse Fire.  Currently, she is working on a new instructional book.

Luana’s philosophy:
“As the world around us changes and new pressures crush even the most willing souls, great literature and art are the only things that can feed us and bring us back to life.”

For more insight, read her blog and listen to the following interview:
Luana Luconi Winner

Dr. Michele Berger Shares the “Creative Tickle”

Dr. Michele Berger is an award-winning author, creativity coach & UNC Women’s Studies professor living in Pittsboro.

Here¬†Berger shares tips for living one’s life more fully by developing the “creative tickle.” She covers everything from the connection b/w neuroscience and creativity studies to the ways gender studies and liberal arts students are collectively transforming our world. So, listen up: Michele Berger

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