Catherine Howard on Transparency & Dismantling Barriers

Durham installation artist, Catherine Howard discusses how opening up to community dialog vs. just expressing an inner one had helped her work grow: Catherine J. Howard Interview October 25, 2011.

Take a look at her latest installation, Veil Tease around the Triangle at the Carrack, Jessee’s, & the ArtsCenter in Carrboro. And follow her progress as she takes her work and creativity to South Africa. Visit

Oh, and register for one of her INCREDIBLE classes in Art History. Coming in November:

1. Contemporary Art History: Exploring the Motivations Behind 20th and 21st Century Art – 
Explore  the artistic motivations and historical context behind the stylistic shifts during the 20th and 21st centuries.  How did industrialization and urbanization create the modern “artist”?  How did changing social structures affect who could be an “artist” and what an “artist” should be discussing?  Who in the heck is the “audience” anyway?
2. Lady Art: Women in Art History and the Art World Today –
Analyze visual images of women in their historical, racial, and class contexts, and to understand the status of women as producers, patrons, and audiences of visual art.  Determine how we can encourage women to continue creating art and sway institutional promotion of gender equity.


Author, Ricky Lindley Discusses his New Novel, “Pleasant Grove.”

Visit the small, southern town of Pleasant Grove with Siler City writer, Ricky Lindley as he introduces his new novel: Ricky Lindley. Attend the Book Signing at the NC Arts Incubator on Sunday, November 6. Learn more at

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