Wonder Women of Festifall Make Carrboro-Chapel Hill THE place to be

Carter Hubbard, Chela Tu, Jeri Lynn Schulke, Jody Cedzidlo, and Kate St. John share what makes the Piedmont uniquely creative. Come to Festifall 2011 October 2nd from noon – 6 pm and Salsa Dance, Paint, Watch Aerial Artists Twirl: Festifall 2011

Festifall was voted Chapel Hill Magazine’s Favorite Event.

Ann May Woodward: Why a Scrap is not Just a Scrap

Ann May Woodward, Executive Director of the ever FABULOUS Scrap Exchange in Durham talks “trash:” Ann May Woodward Scrap Exchange

Seeing the World “Through this Lens:” Photographer and Durham Gallery Owner, Roylee Duvall

Roylee Duvall, owner of Through this Lens Gallery in downtown Durham discusses the photographers who have changed his world and ours: Roylee Duvall

Artist Georges le Chevallier

Chris Beacham here.  I had a wonderful conversation with artist Georges le Chevallier Tuesday August 30 while filling in as host for Molly.  We’ll have a podcast of the interview soon.

Georges Le Chevallier is an artist, traveler, photographer, teacher, chef, husband, father and philanthropist with his time. Plus, judging from our conversation, a great guy to chat and, I’m betting, have a beer or two with. We’ll get around to that some time.

I can’t do Georges’ life justice in this short space so I’ll just link to his various web activities. Go check out his art and his remarkably interesting life.

Facebook page
His Twitter feed
His very interesting blog

Writer & Musician, Susan Ketchin

Susan Ketchin Describes Larry Brown, Harry Crews, Eudora Welty (See Photo at left) and a “Christ-Haunted Landscape:” Susan Ketchin

Joyful Ladies from the Joyful Jewel in Pittsboro

Mariah Wheeler, owner of the Joyful Jewel Gallery in Pittsboro joins musician Rhonda Robichaux; Poet, Sharon Blessum; and Action Painter, Vangi Cathcart in discussing the role local business and art play in building community and economy: Joyful Jewel

Musician and Historian, Tommy Edwards

Tommy Edwards on old time and new projects. Get your tickets to the Bluegrass Experience 40th Anniversary Concert and Party with Clyde Edgerton: http://www.chathamarts.org. Listen to Tommy’s interview here: Tommy Edwards

Conceptual and Installation Artist, Rachel Herrick

Rachel Herrick Challenges Social Stereotypes and the Illusions we Create as Individuals and as a Society Rachel Herrick

Tully Turney Talks Trains

All aboard. Tully Turney tells us about his 43-year imaginative journey with model railroad construction. Tully Turney

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