Photographer, Donn Young and Gavin Smith use arts to raise disaster relief awareness

Donn Young lost 1.5 million photographs, his photography studio, and his home to Hurricane Katrina. He now lives in Chapel Hill where he runs “40 Days and 40 Nights,” an educational nonprofit organization committed to increasing awareness about issues of the human condition through the collaborative work of researchers, practitioners, and artists.

Also hailing from the Gulf Coast, Dr. Gavin Smith now directs the Center for the Study of Natural Hazards and Disasters, which is housed in the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning. His experience with post-Katrina gulf cities and towns informs his current efforts to help North Carolina be “disaster resistant” and to recover more effectively when disasters do occur.
Together, Young and Smith have produced a book and are working to build an arts festival that will use visual and performing arts to raise money and awareness for disaster relief efforts. Listen to their interview here: Donn Young and Gavin Smith on Art, Communication, Disaster Relief

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