Stage Professionals Ellen Bland, Drew Lasater, and Adam Stark Discuss the Magic of Theatre and Community

Get an inside look at the powerful bonds that form and the personal growth that happens during community-based/”Integrated” Theatre Productions. Ellen Bland, Drew Lasater, and Adam Stark take us inside the performances and creative collaborations produced through the Central Carolina Community College theatre program. If you would like to register for their fall acting and theater production classes, visit
Ellen Bland, Drew Lasater, Adam Stark Discuss The Transformative Art of Theatre

Graphic Novelist, Ursula Vernon

Graphic Novelist, Ursula Vernon tells us about “Bride of the Warthog.” (Is there a Flannery O’Connor reference in there perhaps?): Ursula Vernon

Cucalorus Film Director, Dan Brawley with Filmmaker, Linda Booker

Dan Brawley and Linda Booker discuss their latest projects and what makes the NC Film Industry a stand out: Brawley and Booker April 2011

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